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Bedford's American Legion Post 221, 

invites our extended community to participate in

Bedford's Centennial Reflections

To Remember is to Honor

 As we Celebrate our 100th Anniversary, we ask our extended Bedford community to participate in Bedford's Centennial Reflections. One hundred years ago, an armistice was signed to end The War to End All Wars. Today we call that day Veterans Day. Immediately thereafter, The American Legion was born to assist with "Our Boys Coming Home". A century later, we continue to support all our Veterans locally and at the national level.

On January 26, 2019 we will share your own Centennial Reflections in our Genetti Hall at 357 Great Road, Bedford, MA.  

We ask you to send us any images, poems, stories, or even a thought or two of how you and your family may have remembered WWI.  You may have a story handed down to you from you Grandparents, or even your Great Great Grandparents or Great Aunts or Uncles.

Click button below to send in your "Reflections" by January 24th to ensure you'll have a place in history along others in our community.

American Legion


 celebrates 100th Anniversary

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